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Rainbow of Hope


Address:                49 Alice Street                                                    Tel:         (021) 591 6610

                                Goodwood                                                            Cell:        (082) 202 0720  

                                7400                                                                       Fax:        (021) 591 6610

                                Western Cape                                                      Email: and CC





 My wish to you for 2011:  “May your love for others increase and overflow. May your life make an eternal impact on others.  May your community be blessed because of you!"


Rainbow House          

I GREW up in a church where time and again I would hear one of the Elders say:  Your testimony is NOT about your past; your testimony is what God is doing in your life daily.”  Then, far too young to know and understand what God CAN do, I did not understand this!  Now, I know exactly what he meant!  Not a day goes by, that I don’t see a miracle happen here at Rainbow House!  Things, many take for granted, are viewed as miracles by all at Rainbow House!  Daily, when people walk in here, I can attest to a God that PROVIDES a God that SUSTAINS and a God that has everything PLANNED long before we even thought of it!  So, at Rainbow House I came to learn the true meaning of FAITH and TRUST and PEACE!  Faith and Trust that God holds the future of everyone in His hands and Peace that I don’t have to worry about anything, He has it all mapped out for us!! 

The children continue to enjoy good health, and a constant improvement in speech, low muscle tone and gross motor skills.  All very prevalent amongst the kids who enter Rainbow House. 


Girls Room – Covers donated by Vineyard Hotel

Stitched to size by Mrs. van der Poll               

 Lately our focus has changed from birth to 6year olds to taking in older boys and girls as the need is just so evident!  These children then also need an entire different stream of intervention as well as their educational needs differ fro the first group.  In the light of this we are looking to acquire a second home for children in the age group 7 to 13.  We are by no means able to afford a second house, but I do believe that the need is evident, the willingness to do this is there and so I believe that a second house WILL be supplied! 


THE CHILDREN are wards of the court and so they enjoy free schooling, BUT, ONLY at government schools where classes can have up to 50 children.   Due to the neglect and abuse, most children struggle at school.  In a classroom of 50, very few teachers have the capacity to have a one on one relationship with a child that’s struggling, let alone be taken up with the challenges the child faces, so, at Rainbow House we place ALL our school going children in Private or Model C schools as near to Rainbow House as possible.  These schools have between 20 and 30 children in a class.  We have a relationship with the schools who offer us a discounted fee due to the children’s circumstances.  They also offer the children invaluable support as some of these children have never seen the inside of a learning institution until they land up at Rainbow House!  This leads me to the story of M.

At nine years old, M was placed at Rainbow House in March 2009 due to neglect.  He, together with two siblings, had already been in two different homes since being removed from his parents.  He started school in April and passed Grade 1 with flying colours.  The Principal wrote in his report:  “Jy is ‘n spog seun.”  This year, he excels in Grade 2.  Enjoys the sports of Wrestling, swimming and cricket!  We have also seen this child, who once spent his days looking after 2 younger siblings, now enjoying the pleasure of “just being a child again.”  If you would like to sponsor a child’s schooling and impact their futures, then please send an email to with sponsor a child in the subject line and I will send you the necessary information.



The Old Garage           The New Centre


     Parent Empowerment Programme

19th February, Saturday, from 9am till 12pm. Host Parent Workshop.

12th March, Saturday, from 9am till 12pm, Foster Care Workshop and

09th April, Saturday, 9am till 10h30am, Foster Care Support Group,

7th May, Saturday, at 9am Awareness Breakfast, to be held at our brand new Parent Empowerment Centre! 

For all of the above, booking is essential.


IN THIS edition our international volunteer accolade goes to:  


 SHE WROTE the following in a sms:  “I have to tell you this, I’m so amazed how proud and excited I’m getting everytime someone is asking to host, foster, adopt or whatever.  It is just so amazing to see how the kids is growing from small week mouses to big beautiful birds who flyes away!  You make such a huge different for them and I’m still amazed.  Bless and Love from Matilde” 

 Matilde has been here for six months already and she has seen first hand the difference proper structure, support, education and intervention can make in the lives of these marginalized boys and girls!

 Our local volunteer accolade goes to:


MICHELLE HAILS from Brackenfell is married and has a 9 year old daughter.  For the past year Michelle has volunteered every Monday morning and continues to do this in 2011!  She assists with the house work and simply loves playing with the babies whom she has seen grow into two lovely, but naughty toddlers!   

 Thanks Michelle for your commitment and dedication to this project and to the children! 


Treasure Trove

WILL YOU believe that we have so much donations we cannot contain it?  I believe that, as we give to other similar projects as well as supply our second hand shop, we are given “good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…”    We are also considering utilizing part of the second home for a Treasure Trove shop.  A whole new market, more traffic and much more convenient for assistance from international volunteers! 


CLOTHING available from the office at 49 Alice Street, Goodwood.  Please call before going to view. 


PLEASE PRAY with us as we buy a house for older boys and girls!  Pray that God will supply the finances!  We already have half of the money needed!  If you would like to assist with buying the house, then please mark your donations “House 2”


AS ALWAYS, we are blessed through the giving of many.  Thank you to all who give so generously of your time, money, donations in kind and especially those who give so unselfishly of themselves.



WILL YOU please pray, support suggest as you best you can;

·         For the completion of the safety fencing around the house.

·         For children to be reunited with their biological families in a way that changes the cycle of abuse and neglect

·         For good foster homes and adoptive parents

·         Volunteers for both projects/ministries

·         Salaries for staff and our ongoing operational costs                      

·         A second home for older children

·         Situated as close as possible to Rainbow House



Join us as we give thanks for some of the Gifts and offers we have received;

·         For the many volunteers

·         For their patience and input into the lives of the children

·         For the completion of the Parent Empowerment Centre.

·         Donations received on a daily basis

·         For the many special people in the lives of the children at RH 

With all our love,

 Alison Alexander, the children of Rainbow House & the Rainbow of Hope Team

  Happy Valentines Day to all! 

To love and to be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides.” David Viscott

Banking Details

Account Held at:  ABSA Bank

Branch Code: 632005

Business Savings Account number:  9211425680

Swift Code:  absazajj           

IBAN  Number:  9211425680