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PRIVACY will not share nor sell your email address or any other contact information you provide. At your request, you may receive periodic emails from as a way to keep you informed of recent developments or to make announcements; however, you have the option of not receiving this type of email by simply notifying us via an email message requesting removal from the distribution list.

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ERRORS OR OMISSIONS disclaims any liability or responsibility for any typographical errors, out of date information and/or other inaccuracies that may appear on the website.

LIMITATIONS TO OPEN ENDED LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES excludes liability for consequential or special damages that may result in lost data that result from the use or inability to use the information in the website.

DISCLAIMER OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR MATERIAL POSTED AT LINKED SITES does not review materials posted on sites to which it is linked and does not assume any responsibility for any such material.

TRAVEL TO/FROM ORPHANAGES does not review every orphanage listed on the site. We do not claim these orphanages are all legitimate although we make an effort to ascertain their existence. There are too many variables, management changes, government affectations to keep current with each orphanage we list, even those we have personally visited, therefore you are on your own to determine your level of interaction and participation, if any. Your experience as a donor or volunteer is at your own risk. We do not warrant any aspect of your participation either physically or financially with any orphanage listed on this site. We are merely offering links to orphanages and cannot assure anything, therefore we disclaim all financial responsibility for your experience.


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